design manifesto

Our mission is to provide purposeful garments that accompany you from the peaks to the pub, and everywhere else in between. We do this by borrowing technical features from outdoor wear and combining them with fashion-forward silhouettes. 

Much of our work at gander is guided by a keen awareness of the impact we have on the planet and the mark we leave behind. While it’s easier said than done, we don’t want to be just another generic apparel line - we stand for more than that. 

We stand by a relatively simple philosophy: to create durable and long-lasting garments that are constructed properly in trusted factories, using materials that you can rely on - no matter where you find yourself. 

We are not an archetypal outdoor brand or even a streetwear one for that matter. Instead, we occupy the grey area between the two that is unclassifiable, creating garments that can seamlessly coexist in either or. Where traditional outdoor labels have been adopted for use in urban contexts, gander is designed to be just as functional in rural and city settings alike. Whether it’s a rave in Manchester or a hike in the wilderness, gander adapts to its surroundings and remains versatile.

While we don’t define ourselves as an outdoor-oriented label, we acknowledge the hypocrisy around designing clothing for the outdoors without any regard for the environment in which it is intended to be used. With that in mind, we felt a responsibility to deliver our interpretation of sustainability that isn’t necessarily touted that often; a quality over quantity ethos. We lean on intentional capsule releases as opposed to seasonal collections, helping you to build a transitional wardrobe that can be worn all year round. Where new releases are concerned, some of them will act as software upgrades, building upon previous output that will see core styles reinvigorated using different fabrics.