Born in Manchester, gander is a product of its environment, uniting nature and the city in a way devoid of conflict. We combine subtle functionalities that you typically find on outdoor-oriented gear with purposeful gender-neutral silhouettes, creating a hybrid product that can just as easily be worn in the Peaks and at a festival without compromise. We’re not exclusive, and neither are our garments. 

By its population size, Manchester - our home - is the second-largest city in the UK while being a short stone’s throw from the Peak District, which provides the kind of outdoor-city landscape that is frequently referenced in technical design. Given their short proximity to one another, inhabitants of the city are free to pass between the bustling city and nature’s sweet release. 

This transition between two polar environments calls for apparel that can intuitively adapt to its surroundings at a moment’s notice. Instead of being inspired by a singular area of design, we follow philosophies like the aforementioned that lead us to create with reason, not reaction. 

We currently work with trusted partners in both Scotland and Portugal who help us to realise our conceptions and fulfil our manufacturing needs.