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Stainless Steel Tumbler (Pack of 2)

Stainless Steel Tumbler (Pack of 2)

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The cup itself is a single wall SUS304 stainless steel cup with a "rolled lip rim" to make it safe to drink from and not cut your lips. They're produced in China and then hand finished in Manchester through the use of an electrochemical etching process which involves using salt water and electricity to permanently alter the surface of the steel. A vinyl stencil is used to create the shape of the logo.

The cups and the graphic are durable and dishwasher safe. They're ideal for cool / cold drinks. Hot drinks are fine but the steel conducts the heat and can make the cup quite uncomfortable to hold as it gets hot.

The cups themselves are manufactured by pressing sheet steel over a cup shaped mould using tonnes of force. Then when the main cup shape is formed it goes to a second press which rolls the rim of the cup. 

We advise washing thoroughly before use.
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